Packaging Your Files for Print: 5 Simple Steps for Flawless Printing Results

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Avoid distorted images and wonky fonts using these easy tips when sending files to your print provider. By following these steps in InDesign, your finished piece will be flawless, and your printer will have no questions or concerns.

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5 Simple Steps for Flawless Printing Results

  1. Choose File > Package from within InDesign, and if there are any potential issues detected, use the Preflight panel to fix them. (For example, if you see a warning alert triangle.)
  2. Select the "Create Printing Instructions" option in the Package dialog box to add specific instructions for your printer and save them as a plain text file.
  3. Specify where you want to save the package folder. In the dialog box, you will find the Package Publication box. Here, you will want to save the package folder and give it a name in the Folder Name box.
  4. Copy fonts and linked graphics and update graphic links to ensure everything looks perfect.
    1. To copy fonts: In the “Document fonts” folder, save the fonts needed in the publication.
    2. To copy linked graphics: You will need the original images to print for high-resolution printing. Without them, the document will print in low-resolution screen versions of images, making it blurry or distorted. InDesign will automatically create a sub-folder that is named “Links."
    3. Update the graphic links: This allows the program to rewrite the paths of links to the images and ensures that your graphics look fabulous.
    4. Use Document Hyphenation Exceptions Only: This is essential because it prevents the document from connecting with the external user dictionary that automatically opens the file.
    5. Include a PDF/Print: You will want to create a PDF file of the publication as a part of the package. To do this, use the Select PDF Preset on the pop-up menu.
  5. Finally, click "Package" to copy the package, and remember to avoid copyright issues with fonts. Now you're ready to send it to your printer!


Creating a document for printing can be stressful, but with these steps, you'll be sure to get a perfect copy every time.

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